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I dint know how to do the emoji for my answer but I found you through a tag search

sweet!! :)

how did you find me? put an icon in my ask!


☀ — from the sidebar’s ‘recommended’ blogs.
♫ — from the like/reblog notes in a post.
— from a post on someone’s blog.
☼ — from a post on the dashboard.
☯ — from someone’s blogroll.
✘ — from a tag search.
☢ — other (specify).

i thought you really liked me, and for a split moment even loved me. but it was all lies. all the sweet talk, all the phone calls to 5 am, all the care you showed me but left empty. all you wanted was my body not my personality. i was about to tell you things i wouldn’t even have told my family or best friend. i trusted your stupid ass, i trusted your i love yous, i trusted your “i will always be there for you”, i trusted everything! but your just a boy. you wouldn’t understand.

You’d lose your mind trying to understand mine

How Do You Be Okay? (7/28/14)


How Do You Be Okay? (7/28/14)